OBLIVIANS… Will Never Be Forgotten in Belgium


OBLIVIANS – DOK Ghent, Belgium – 26 July 2016


The legendary punks from Memphis, Tennessee returned to the sonic world with a bang in 2013 – after 16 years – with the gloriously striking DESPERATION album. Doing again what they do damn best… producing barbed wire electricity. Fast, loud, with sharp teeth and in your face. Just a couple of days ago the oblivian brothers hit my hometown Ghent, Belgium. Without a doubt one of the most inflammatory gigs I saw all year. As fast as the Ramones, as blasting as MC5, as spectacular as Bo Diddley on speed and as sharp as an Iggy Stooge knife. A crushing steamroller from start to finish. An overwhelming night! HELL YEAH!
A bit like this…

and like this…

OBLIVIANS: Facebook – Biography – Discography

Hello Belgium…

Jack, just waiting to pick up a guitar…

Let’s rumble…


Pinball Kings…

(Concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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