No Holidays At The French Riviera without… JACQUES DUTRONC



I’m back in that sweet little village Puget-sur-Argens – between Nice and St-Tropez – just
a couple of miles from the magnificent Mediterranean Sea/French Riviera in the South Of France for a short heat wave holiday. The best thing, besides the delicious food and divine wine, the enchanting nature and generous sun is a drive with the car along the sea with
all windows open while listening to French singer/actor/playboy JACQUES DUTRONC,
now 73 and still married, although living apart, with gorgeous singer and 60s sex symbol Françoise Hardy . Way back in the sixties he was probably the coolest French rocker and most risky chansonnier around. Outside of France he was a cult figure and the provocative exponent for French garage rock. Yes, The Beatles & The Rolling Stones were vivid fans.

The swinging sixties. Jagger, Dutronc and Hardy…

If you never heard the man here are two of his finest pearls…

ET MOI, ET MOI, ET MOI (from 1966)
The greatest and most cynical song I ever heard about egoism. Me, myself and I…

PARIS S’ EVEILLE (from 1968)

JACQUES DUTRONC: Biography – Discography – Website – Facebook

With his inseparable cigar…

Between Nice and St-Tropez listening to Dutronc
(pic: TUTV!)

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