SUEDE – Ecstatic Third Album ‘COMING UP’ IS 20!


‘Coming Up’ by SUEDE / Released 2 September 1996


After their heavy-hearted and gloomy orchestrated masterpiece DOG MAN STAR guitar hero and highly inspired co-songwriter Bernard Butler left the band to pursue a solo career. At that point nobody thought SUEDE would survive. Wrong! Frontman & prime songwriter Brett Anderson reacted like super sportsmen do. Standing up, fueled with victorious obstinacy, after they hit the ground. With new teenage guitarist Richard Oakes and keyboardist Neil Goldberg the band came back with their most flamboyant, uplifting and life celebrating indie glam rock album ever. COMING UP was about being young and having the time of your life with sex, drugs and rock and roll. A celebration of being alive and enjoying it totally without looking back in anger…

An album about looking and feeling beautiful …

An album about being different and doing what you want to do…

Even the quiet moments on the LP were heartwarming…

Here’s the remastered birthday album in full
(original track list 1-10)…

SUEDE: Website – Facebook – Twitter


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