THE JAM – Number One Single in UK – 36 Years Ago!…


Wham Bam! Here comes THE JAM

jam start

On 6th September 1980 – 36 years ago today – brilliant mod punks THE JAM , led by
tremendous singer/songwriter and angry young frontman PAUL WELLER, hit the top
spot of the UK singles chart with START! Their second No 1 after their stupendous Going Underground score. The solid cracker had a similar main guitar and bass riff as the ones written by George Harrison for Taxman, the opening track of legendary The Beatles album Revolver. Perfect steal! Let’s start! Here’s the irresistible beat…

Jam logo


  1. Opher · September 6, 2016

    For some reason I’ve blotted this one out. Very strange. It sounds great.

    Liked by 1 person

    • JL · September 6, 2016

      Better late then never. I was a big JAM fan. Still have all albums and most of the singles.


  2. musicwaffle · September 6, 2016

    One of my favourite Jam tracks!

    Liked by 1 person

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