THE POP GROUP – New Single ‘ZIPPERFACE’ Swings Like A Hyperkinetic Disco Bat…


‘Zipperface’ by THE POP GROUP


The older the freakish funk punks out of Bristol get the more they become an adrenalized
non-stop-dance-steamroller. They seem to grow younger and younger since their thrilling comeback some years ago. Well, this wayward gang always marched and still marches
the opposite way of where the citizen zombies are heading en masse. They even reverse the ageing process and create twisted, sonic ecstasy many young, fabricated artists would sell their gleaming BMW, with their flashy fiancée chained in it, for. New single ZIPPERFACE demonstrates perfectly what I try to stutter here. It sounds like being made for a Saturday Night Fever Orgy in Satan‘s own private joy division to gratify the unknown pleasures of his insatiable skeleton guests. Creepy voices, electro drones, far-out squeaky guitars and a big glittering disco ball surround frontman Mark Stewart‘s unresting vocal search for the past of the man behind the mask. “Who bought your silence, who enslaved your mind?“. Our beloved, experienced groove junkies develop an irresistible, hyperkinetic drive many DJ’s around the globe will copy/paste and remix within 24 hours. Little do they know that this bonkers dance floor cracker contains actually a highly contagious virus, called zipperface, that will turn their million fans into THE POP GROUP dance slaves. Mission accomplished. Again. Release this bat…

This is the first single from new album HONEYMOON ON MARS produced by dub titan Dennis ‘Blackbeard’ Bovell & Hank Shocklee. Out 28th October. You can pre-order the LP, at your own risk, here .


THE POP GROUP: Website – Facebook –   Twitter

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