Soundtrack For Your Trip To The Dark Side Of The Moon – Here’s… SKYJELLY


I don’t know if it’s actually true but I’ve read somewhere that Richard Branson, the British eccentric businessman/billionaire/adventurer/RecordLabelBoss and Sex Pistols believer (he signed the London punks back in 1977 after they were dropped twice by scary, corporate labels) is dreaming out loud about organising discovery excursions to the moon. What I
do know for a fact is that the intriguing cacophony you’ll hear one day in Branson‘s luxury space ships when flying high in the universe is created and conducted by SKYJELLY.


Who? Experimental minds, led by Boston chaotic guitar wizard Skyjelly Jones, making multi-layered experimental music without getting arty farty. Well, sometimes their where the hell are they going escapades – think Flaming Lips jamming with some free jazz junkies – seem to be improvised to test the flexibility of your mind’s imagination, but hey, we’re floating in space, remember? These inventive mindfuckers actually cover many fields. From twisted psychedelic doomscapes (Sixes / Watch Out) to soulful, mundane vibrations (Can’t Take My Mind / All Around Me / That’s Where The Modern Is) and some freakish post punk thunder (Catherine’s Rabbi / Headphone Jack) in between. Yes, you’re heading towards the one and only real dark side of the bloody moon. And it’s a one way ticket. So if you’re bored with mother earth trying to destroy itself over and over again step in Branson‘s quadraphonic cosmos shuttle and experience unknown sonic pleasures. 2016: A Space Odyssey.

Houston, we have a soundtrack…

Two albums in one cassette.
Here are Black Panthers and
Priest, Expert, or Wizard
via Doomtrip Records

For now the cassette is sold out, but more copies will be available very soon.
You can always purchase the digital version of course. Get doomed…

SKYJELLY: Facebook – Twitter

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