dEUS – Breakthrough Album ‘IN A BAR, UNDER THE SEA’ Is 20 Today…


14 September 2016


dEUS is one of my all-time favorite bands, not because we’re both Belgian (chauvinism
is a stupid waste of time), but because they are simply one of the best quality rock bands
of the last twenty-five years. God in their own country, underground stars across Europe. It’s quite obvious: if they were British or American (means much more financial back-up, worldwide record distribution and massive marketing power) they would have been damn BIG all over this troubled planet. Inspired by anything stimulating in rock’s giant history, from James Brown to Captain Beefheart, from Frank Zappa to Tom Waits they developed their own mighty versatile, sonic identity and created some bloody impressive music (on record and on stage) from the day mastermind Tom Barman and his gang (see biography link below for all the details) picked up their instruments, somewhere in 1991, and started to write and produce an endless series of outstanding songs packed in several (actually only eight until today) magnificent albums over the years. Their 3rd longplayer is the one to celebrate today. IN A BAR, UNDER THE SEA was released twenty years ago, on 14th September 1996. A masterpiece in my book. It was also the album that confirmed, with overwhelming glory, the huge potential of their superb debut LP. Three outstanding
tracks will demonstrate effortlessly what I’m trying to stutter here…

A dEUS classic that got a second life over the years when played life. A nasty little monster moving like a vicious snake towards an exploding finale. Here we go ‘No more loud music’

A richly colored and orchestrated pop song with an electrifying ending. It was hailed as one of the best singles of 1996 by then legendary British music weekly Melody Maker

A rousing rocker sounding like having nasty sex, from foreplay to orgasm…

I know, all solid gold. Here’s the birthday cake in full…

Brilliant composers…

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