TOY – They Are Back And They Still Believe…

15 September 2016


‘I’m Still Believing’ by TOY


Dark, British psychedelia explorers TOY are finally back, 3 years after their second album ‘Join The Dots’. New LP CLEAR SHOT is out on 28th October via Heavenly Recordings


The band just shared new single I’M STILL BELIEVING. The track sounds surprisingly poppy and bright by Toy standards. The playful melody will bounce and dance in your head after a couple of spins. What will happen next is quite uncertain as the song is apparently about voodoo. Listen here and find out…

Tracklist new album CLEAR SHOT

1 – Clear Shot
2 – Another Dimension
3 – Fast Silver
4 – I’m Still Believing
5 – Clouds That Cover The Sun
6 – Jungle Games
7 – Dream Orchestrator
8 – We Will Disperse
9 – Spirits Don’t Lie
10- Cinema


TOY: Facebook – Twitter

Ghent, Belgium in 2013 (photo: Turn Up The Volume!)

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