To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s… STATUS QUO

Weekly firework to splinter Blue Mondays into a thousand pieces…


‘Paper Plane’ by STATUS QUO


Yes, here’s… the Quo. The legendary STATUS QUO. Why? Because I just loved their early unstoppable thunder (just found out that John Lydon/Rotten was also a big fan – FACT!), after their short pop career in the second half of the sixties, when they became heavy boogie rock experts after hearing Roadhouse Blues by The Doors. Also because they were one of the hottest live rock bands I ever experienced, even several times and always in the presence of thousands of their loyal Blue Army fans. The line-up with Francis Rossi (vocals, guitar), Alan Lancaster (bass), Rick Parfitt (rhythm guitar, vocals) and awesome drummer John Coughlan scored a series of monster hit singles and number one albums throughout the seventies. Third reason to put them on today is to celebrate the fact that the band are starting their last ever electric tour next month. Unfortunately without blonde Rick Parfitt, who needs to calm down after a severe heart attack last June. Hail to the man. Hail to the band. They deserve a statue. Now, let’s blow this Monday to hell with PAPER PLANE, their first hard rockin’ hit way back in 1973…

Riding on a big white butterfly
I turned my back away towards the sky
I closed my eyes to look for something
Saw myself as really nothing
Then I realised my butterfly
Wasn’t really up there with me
We all make mistakes, forgive me
Would you like to ride my butterfly

Riding on a long blue paperplane
Getting seasick, sorry once again
Landing strip is getting nearer
Hope the foglifts, make it clearer
Then I realised my paperplane
Wasn’t really up there with me
We all make mistakes, forgive me
Would you like to ride my paperplane

Riding in a three grand Deutche car
A to B is often very far
Home is near, but such a long way
Legs and heads all feel the wrong way
Then I realised my Deutche car
Is only there to get me somewhere
Even so I really do care
Would you like to ride my Deutche car

STATUS QUO: Website – Facebook – Biography – Discography

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