The Wonderful KRISTIN HERSH Is Back With An Enchanting Pulsation…


‘Soma Gone Slapstick’ by KRISTIN HERSH

Kristin Hersh Portrait

Singer/songwriter/author KRISTIN HERSH, co-founder in the early 80s of startling
alt band Throwing Muses – is back with a new (double) solo album combined with
a new book, titled ‘Wyatt At The Coyote Palace’. Order details here. It’s already her 3rd album/book release. The double cd and hardcover book will be out on 28th October
in the UK and on 11th November in the US. Her new work was written over the past
five years and was inspired by her son Wyatt, who is on the autism spectrum and was fascinated for some time with an abandoned apartment building inhabited by coyotes. Ahead of the launch Hersch shared new weirdly titled track SOMA GONE SLAPSTICK.
A rhythmic stop/start pulsation like a heartbeat going up and down. Highly exciting in
a strange way..

KRISTIN HERSH: Tour dates – Facebook – Twitter


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