Don’t Mess With Trash Garage Youth On Stuff – Here Are… THE GLÜCKS


Wham Bloody Bam! This is the story of a drummer girl and a guitar boy. The clamorous story of Tina & Alek. An unstoppable Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde duo on supersonic speed. Nice people off stage, mean animals on a podium. An extremely noisy two nation army called THE GLÜCKS. They produce a LOUD and NASTY garage punk racket the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse would have liked to death. They play way faster than speedy Eugene Bolt ever ran. They batter heavier than Royal Blood ever will. They look better than Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne did about 50 years ago. They must be, without a shadow of a doubt,
the unwanted children of The Cramps glamorous couple Poison Ivy and Lux Interior. Yes, they are quite impressive. That Animal puppet is a pussy next to hammering octopus Tina. FACT! And mad man Alek acts more jerky than he can handle himself. FACT! You want some convincing evidence for what I try to stutter here? Damn fine, no problem. Here’s some explicit footage of their live psychobilly lunacy…

Last Saturday they played a dazzling gig in my hometown Ghent (Belgium) for a very special reason. Yes, it was the crazy launch party of – finally – their long-awaited debut cd titled YOUTH ON STUFF. This is how the terrific artwork of the newborn looks like…


The album is a boiling powerhouse full of crushing crackers. A mighty robustious paradise of hyperkinetic riffs, barbed wire hooks, overwhelming drum drones and desperate primal screams. A reflection of their hard labour, twisted soul and heavily beating heart. This promo teaser will give you a flashing idea of their hot fever…

More details and mail order info here on Drunkabilly Records

Here’s the album’s single CuCuCu Cool (also great artwork)…

Some photos of the smoking launch party last Saturday in Charlatan Club in Ghent...

Wild thing…

Mr. Hyde…


… on stuff

Two nation army…

At midnight…

THE GLÜCKS: Who? –  Facebook –  Twitter

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