MAGNETIC ALBUM COVERS! 7 Memorable Sleeves from 1976 – 40 Years Ago…


It’s all about the music as we know it
But powerful images are the timeless
faces for all big albums made then & now…
Here are 7 memorable sleeves from 1976
Yes, I know, 40 years ago!…

1/ ‘Ramones’ by RAMONES
Crushing punk pop blast. This Blitzkrieg debut started a million bands around the globe…

2/ ‘Blondie’ by BLONDIE
Their magnificent new pop wave debut only praised after they became stars much later…

3/ ‘Station To Station’ by DAVID BOWIE
Tenth and highly significant LP. Marked also the birth of his Thin White Duke character…

4/ ‘Radio Ethiopia’ by PATTI SMITH
The chaotic, yet rousing follow-up album to her unbeatable Horses debut…

5/ ‘King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown by AUGUST PABLO
A truly essential and masterful dub classic by the legendary Jamaican sound wizard…

6/ ‘Zoot Allures’ by FRANK ZAPPA
One of the few serious rock albums created by the late genius…

7/ ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ by STEVIE WONDER
His 18th longplayer was (double) masterpiece! A massive body of uplifting soul brilliance…


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