Moody Colored Pop Tristesse with… RICH GIRLS


From New York City, the amazing… RICH GIRLS


Now and then we all need captivating songs to cry to. Well, in my case, genuinely touching music was and always be the best ever companion for my tears. Harrowing melancholy coming straight from a sorrowful heart is what I cherish in moments of sadness and I had some the past few weeks after the death of my father. RICH GIRLS is one of those bands you want to have close by, as a comforting friend, when painful tristesse haunts you. Led by songwriter and endearing voice Luisa Black they just released a most gripping 5-track EP, titled ‘Love Is The Dealer‘. Five tender pearls to soundtrack gloominess filled twilights. For me LOADED is the track that colors the whole picture just perfectly. Imagine walking into a dim bar, late at night, alone and heavy-hearted. And while ordering your next drink the radio plays some forgotten song, Brenda Lee’s comin’ on strong…

Impossible not to play the EP in full, again and again…

RICH GIRLS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Luisa Black – wonderfully gloomy…


  1. EclecticMusicLover · October 4, 2016

    Jean Luc, my condolences on your father’s passing. And your description of Rich Girls’ music is spot on.


    • JL · October 5, 2016

      Thanks for your nice words – JL


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