THE POP GROUP & THE SLITS – Legendary Dance Perfomances On Belgian TV in 1980…

Here we look back in ecstasy at magical moments in music….



THE SLITS and THE POP GROUP. Two of the coolest, most adventurous bands that ever walked this planet – in case of the latter still do with never aging panache – on one and
the same TV show?! Absolutely. It happened in March 1980 when those kick-ass punks hit Belgian TV together to demonstrate step-by-step how to move, dance, walk, run, and jump up & down – in different directions – to their brilliantly deranged funky punk shit. Each gang performed their track that was part of a peerless split single released on 7 March 1980. Watch every move of these weirdos very carefully and try this at home with a first aid kit close by…

‘In the Beginning There Was Rhythm’ by THE SLITS

‘Where There’s a Will There’s a Way’ by THE POP GROUP

The Slits unfortunately came to a dramatic end when tremendously talented frontwoman Ari-Up passed away at the early age of 48 in 2010. May her soul rest in peace. The Pop Group on the other hand, are still dancing like freakish junkies. With last year’s splendid comeback album  Citizen Zombie they proved that not all reunions are pointless, on the contrary, hell yeah! And their song isn’t over yet. Brand new LP Honeymoon On Mars will see the day of light on October 28th. All details here on PledgeMusic


THE POP GROUP: Website – Facebook – Freaks R Us Record Label


THE SLITS: Biography – Discography – New Docu in the Making


(photo The Slits: Getty Images)

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