SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Candid Crackers for Week 44…


A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven thrilling tracks I played on repeat these past days
Seven exciting strokes to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here is the fire!


1/ ‘Walked Away’ by FRANCIE MOON (Montague Township, New Jersey, US)
Gloriously sharp mouthed voice pushing this garage blues jam with intensified passion!…
On: new 3-track EP – here on Bandcamp
FRANCIE MOON: Facebook – Website

2/ ‘End Of Time’ by HONEY LUNG (London, England)
Glorious retro grunge smack. Best played while you’re smashing pumpkins on Halloween
HONEY LUNG: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Actor’ by WHENYOUNG (from Ireland & London based)
‘Just be yourself’ is the underlying message emphasised by this energetical trio with a powerful drive and a damn cool, catchy chorus – smoking engine – only their 2nd single!
WHENYOUNG: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Generation Vietnam’ by JACKSON REED (Toronto, Canada)
Fabulous yesterday’s vibe for ‘A song about USA’s military conscription in the 60’s and imaging men my age being chosen randomly for the Vietnam War’ as the young author explains. Top!
On: brand new 4-track ‘The November Gales‘ EP – out via – here on Deadplant Records
JACKSON REED: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Cool’ by SINLESS (Portland, Oregon, US)
Led by singer/songwriter and full-time daydreamer Cor Allen this 5-piece collective will make you float up there on a cloud of your own with this trippy love vibration. Yes, cool!
On: brand new ‘Melodie’ EP via Curly Cassettes
SINLESS: Who? – Facebook

6/ ‘Bigger Than Elvis’ by HOTEL DEL SALTO (Carmarthen, Wales)
With his new sparkling vehicle Welsh songwriter & multi-instrumentalist J. Francis explores adventurous pop paths. Intriguing, twinkling and colored with king-sized arrangements…
HOTEL DEL SALTO on Facebook – Label: Decidedly Records

7/ ‘Company’ by LOTTERY (Orlando, Florida, US)
For all the confused & lonely ones out there, here’s some tremendous company…
LOTTERY on Facebook


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

Happy 53 To Guitar Legend… JOHNNY MARR!



JOHNNY MARR was undoubtedly the electrifying pulse and soulful guitar genius of the unforgettable THE SMITHS (1982-1987). After their split he created some magic sparks with ELECTRONIC, his sparkling hobby project with Bernard Sumner (Joy Division / New Order) while being also the glimmering guest/studio guitarist for many great artists such
as Bryan Ferry, The The, Modest Mouse, The Pretenders and more before starting finally a solo career a couple of years ago with debut LP The Messenger (2013) followed a year
later by Playland. The exceptional musician was born John Martin Maher on 31 October
Bring on the champagne and let’s celebrate the man’s birthday with three gems…

‘How Soon Is Now’ by THE SMITHS

‘Idiot Country’ by ELECTRONIC

‘Upstarts’ by JOHNNY MARR

JOHNNY MARR: Website – Facebook


Magic in Belgium (2014)…


(concert photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

To Hell With Blue Halloween Mondays – Here’s… METZ

Weekly firework to splinter Blue Mondays into a thousand pieces…

If you look desperately for a band to blow your blue Halloween Monday into oblivion with a merciless sledgehammer, then I have the answer to your prayers. Canadian noisemakers METZ were formed to do that kind of exorcistic job, so I was told by an inside source. Their execution is ruthless and cold-blooded. ACETATE is a claustrophobic killer track that will scare all those pathetic pumpkins to pulp. You really have no choice at all, you need to…

She’s barely breathing
I’m wading through puddles on the floor
We’re all moving backwards
Even dead men float
Another call for actors
This time it’s all she wrote

Take, take away these thoughts
Take, take away the fog
My head is swimming
Can’t get myself back through the door
How’d we get so empty?
Who took it out of you?
Everyday repeated
There’s nothing left to do

Take, take away these thoughts
Take, take away the fog
Take away my dreams
Take, take my everything


Hammering Brussels last year… (pics by Turn Up The Volume!)


METZ: Website – Facebook – Twitter

You’re all history, buddies…

LUCY DACUS – Young Talented Indie Dreamer in Belgium….


LUCY DACUS – Charlatan Club, Ghent, Belgium – 28 October 2016


Young indie singer/songwriter LUCY DACUS from Richmond, Virginia, US just started
her very first European tour after releasing her very personal quit/loud debut album
NO BURDEN early this year. Rolling Stone Magazine said back then: “Lucy Dacus has a
knack for writing disarmingly open indie rock songs, with plainspoken lyrics that hit even
harder thanks to her soft, sturdy alto. Her debut LP was recorded in Nashville over the
course of a single day. Dacus’ voice is surrounded by gently churning guitars with forays
into dream pop and stark acoustic tracks.”
I discovered her sometime last year with one
of my favorite tracks of 2015. Here’s the magnificent ‘I Don’t Want To be Funny Anymore‘ …

Last night in Ghent she looked a bit nervous and insecure as she didn’t really knew what to expect on her first trip to Europe. Also there’s was only a handful of spectators in the cosy little venue, but as it happens often on these kind of occasions it were ALL fans who were familiar with her first LP. So, despite some light and PA problems at the start of the show she gained confidence along the way and her performance turned slowly into an intimate, charming and highly entertaining live acquaintance with a gifted talent we will hear much more from in the future. Here’s her firstborn in full…

LUCY DACUS: Facebook – Twitter

(pics by JL/TurnUptheVolume!)

For A Real Scary Halloween Orgy – Here’s…THE BIRTHDAY PARTY

Weekly fuel to inflame your favorite 48 hours…


‘Sonny’s Burning’ by THE BIRTHDAY PARTY


If you’re looking for a real killer track for your Halloween orgy play some deranged
post punk trash by THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. Self destructive havoc to scare all the kids knocking impatiently at your front door. Now get your favorite ax and release the bats…

‘Sonny’s Burning’ was the opening track of their 1983 ‘THE BAD SEED’ EP (great artwork)…

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY: Biography – Discography


New video clips that will impress your eyes and ears…


The one and only authentic Halloween rock and roll band in my book is the legendary and fabulous THE CRAMPS. Apparently British mega stars MUSE are aware of that too. Matt Bellamy and cohorts picked the Californian weirdos’ NEW KIND OF KICK to soundtrack
the scariest party of the year. Great song, great leather, great video…

Let’s make the feast complete. Here’s the raw, original punk kick. Hallelujah…

Smile, Ivy and Lux, it’s your time of the year again…


MANIC STREET PREACHERS – First Double A-Side Single Released 25 Years Ago…


Twenty-five years ago today – yes, time races unstoppably – on 28 October
1991 MANIC STREET PREACHERS released their first double A-side single.


LOVE’S SWEET EXILE starts with a spoken fragment of poetry by Patrick Jones (on record, but left out and replaced, why oh why, by a Camus quote on video), brother of Nicky Wire, before exploding in a thunderous rocker driven by Sean Moore‘s pounding drums having
a fight with some aggressive guitars and Bradfield‘s, now most familiar, high-strung vocals. But the truly remarkable moment of this energetic whirlwind is James Dean‘s astonishing guitar solo. He nor the band hid their admiration for Guns N’ Roses – the one and only genuine rock and roll band around, at the time, to their ears and eyes – and for Slash‘s impressive way of having sonic sex with his six strings instrument. Originally the track
was titled ‘Faceless Sense of Void’ (a song’s line). Feminine culture sluts, Nicky and Richey
(with James making it a threesome), emphasised the group’s playful devotion with androgyny and sexual ambiguity in the video clip. Let’s get nostalgic once again…

REPEAT was a too obvious slogans filled outburst inspired by their seventies punk heroes the Sex Pistols and The Clash. But for some strange reason I like the cheap cynicism of it and even used to play The Bomb Squad‘s (the production team of The Manics‘ beloved hip hop activists Public Enemy) remix real loud and on repeat (to keep my lungs fit) back then. And the mad video is actually big fun too. Seeing it, today, for the first time in years again, it looks like a surreal post-Brexit hangover. Sardonic British comedy at its best. Here we go, repeat after me: FUCK QUEEN AND COUNTRY

Both tracks were on debut album Generation Terrorists and released as the LP’s
2nd single, after Stay Beautiful. It reached number 26 in the UK singles chart…


MANICS: Website – Facebook – Twitter


TRAAMS – With Brand New Haunting Grand Prix Bolide… A HOUSE ON FIRE

Fresh from the recording studio…


After this year’s splendid album ‘Modern Dancing the West Sussex-based post punk guitar groove junkies TRAAMS are back with brand new eight-minute track A HOUSE ON FIRE.


The band explains what this monster jam is all about: “It has only been played live a couple of times so far. It’s been in the set for our current tour and is a lot of fun to play. It was great getting it down in that premium studio with Theo, we’re quite fond of the recorded version and hope you like it too. Also, it’s nice and long and you can dance to it should you wish.”

Fasten your seatbelt for an extended-high-voltage-rollercoaster. Like a Grand Prix bolide without brakes and without fear to crash. Your best one way ticket in years. Ace race!

TRAAMS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

New album ‘Modern Dancing’ – Here on iTunes

Setting Brussels on fire some time ago… (pic by TurnUpTheVolume!)