SAM JORDAN & THE DEAD BUOYS – Spectacular Vocal Splendor …

Brand new vibrations that will inflame your day from start to finish…


Artist: SAM JORDAN & THE DEAD BUOYS, his collective of musician friends…
Who: Jordan is actually an ex-builder & ballet dancer blessed with a grand voice
Where: Brighton, East Sussex, England
Track: MY NIRVANA – brand new single out next Friday and part of forthcoming EP Thoughts of Paradise produced by Luke Oldfield, yes, son of the Tubular Bells legend…
Sounds: impressive as a gothic cathedral – amplified grandeur driven by a truly
phenomenal voice experiencing his new muse as: “a spur of the moment song, like
looking through a kaleidoscope at the sun. It is a song of suburban enlightenment, cars,
big TV’s and immaculate mowed lawns. It’s also a love song if you don’t listen too hard.”

BAND LINKS: Facebook – Website – Twitter

Sam Jordan in a field of his own…

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