New ‘Looking Back’ Interview With NOEL GALLAGHER About That Cocaine Album…


NOEL GALLAGHER aka The Chief looks back (actually, a bit in anger) to the making of
that third OASIS longplayer BE HERE NOW, the cocaine album as he called it since the
day it was released in 1997, on 21 August. He tells in detail, in his – by now familiar –
comic way, what went wrong and why this is the Manchester rock legends’ worst LP.
And it definitely was a terrible failure (except for 3 out of the 12 tracks). The songs
were drowned in a macho let’s-conquer-America-with-a-thousand-guitar-overdubs cacophony. “A real missed opportunity” as the man will tell you here, right now…

A new remastered version of the album, including some unreleased tracks is out now. All details here. When the record first came out – as a devoted fan from day one – I played it several times in a row. Except for three songs – great single/video and opening track D’You Know What I Mean?, Stand By Me and All Around The World‘- I wasn’t impressed at all, even quite disappointed and (also the only Oasis tour I didn’t get out to see them play live) , the cd quickly got lost in my huge collection…

And the ‘Chasing The Sun: Oasis 1993-1997 Exhibition’ runs now in
their hometown Manchester.


OASIS: Website – Facebook – Twitter


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