OASIS – Manchester Legends Started 25 Years Ago Today…

19 October 2016



OASIS played their first gig, after Noel Gallagher joined, on 19 October 1991 25 years ago today – at the Boardwalk in Manchester. The start of a tumultuous ride with many ups and several bitter downs due to the highly inflammable relation between the two stars, the Gallagher brothers. The last truly great ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll’ band finally crashed on 28 August 2009, 18 years later, at a festival in Paris, France when Liam and Noel hit each other for the last time (so far). Here’s my little story of how I got into that Manchester gang in 1994. The early days, their best days, also for me personally…

That’s a bit too early….

I heard the band for the very first time on radio with their debut single ‘Supersonic’April 1994 – on Studio Brussels, a Belgian alternative radio station. The confident rock swagger and the euphoric lyrics knocked me out on the spot. They truly sounded like nobody else
at the time. Loud, sharp, fresh, untouchable and mega cool. I immediately felt something really special was going on here…

‘I’m feeling supersonic, give me gin and tonic…’

Their first NME (my musical bible back then) cover interview – 4th of June – Yes, totally cool and I learned so much more about the group, the fighting brothers and all the great songs to come on their debut album (September 1994) …

Two weeks later I saw the band for the very first time in action in the clip of second single ‘Shakermaker‘ on (M)TV. I decided right then, on that very moment, to go and see them in England as soon as possible and checked NME’s gig guide every single week…

The Forum in London24 August 1994 – my first of 27 Oasis concerts. I knew beforehand that the gig was sold out, but I was determined to get in, one way or another. I bought a ticket from a tout in the tube station close to the venue. The best 25 pounds I ever spend. The band just blew the roof of the building while standing still the whole time, not moving one inch. I watched with open mouth from start to finish. An unforgettable and unique experience. Rock and roll was back

OASIS: Discography – Website – Facebook

9th September, 2 weeks later in Amsterdam,
Liam signing my London ticket (Noel was
too busy posing for the pic). Top dudes!…



  1. Opher · October 19, 2016

    Incredible – has it really been that long?


    • JL · October 19, 2016

      Luckily enough we didn’t grew older 🙂


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