BABYBIRD – Twisted Magnum Opus ‘UGLY BEAUTIFUL’ Released 20 Years Ago…

Looking and listening back at memorable moments in sonic history…


‘Ugly Beautiful’ by BABYBIRD


Many know and will remember romantic hit single You’re Gorgeous but will probably have long forgotten who actually wrote and sung this tremendous, misunderstood pop song about “male photographers who want to use women to sell things using sex” as the author himself explained the real meaning of the song long after its release. The same people
certainly can’t name the title of the album that successful sing along was on. Yes, the
South Yorkshire‘s singer/songwriter Stephen Jones better know as BABYBIRD was a one
hit wonder to the charts-only-loving public but a damn intriguing artist for those who digged deeper. Despite the sonic accessibility of most of his post-indie work he was
just too weird, too eccentric – mentally and lyrically – and too dark for the masses.
UGLY BEAUTIFUL, his first album for a major, after four lo-fi LP’s, contained mostly
re-worked songs. Bigger, richer and fuller in sound than his own previous self-made recordings. It was released on 21 October 1996 – 20 years ago – but didn’t age one bit. Melodic, haunting and gloomy, spiced with captivating vocals. Compelling songs, unusual observations on love (Goodnight / King Bing / Jesus Is My Girlfriend ), life and death with a, sometimes, macabre and/or freaky approach ( I Didn’t Want To Wake You Up / Dead Bird Sings / Cornershop) and overall cleverly twisted lyrics. A superb, multi-layered, diamond with many highlights. Here are three of them…

DEAD BIRD SINGS (magnificent live rendition)


KING BING (creepy)

(Okay, I surrender…) YOU’RE GORGEOUS

Here’s the birthday cake in full…

MORE: 2013 Interview – Babybird Albums – Stephen Jones is Black Reindeer today


(pics: FB – Babybird)

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