Mad Madder Maddest – Here’s… ELEFANT

Superb noise and other related havoc that makes me scream, real loud…


‘The Realm’ by ELEFANT


The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are back in town and ready to mess up your Halloween party with a real spooky horror pumpkin. Don’t open the door, lock up your children & rabbits and pray to the devil that Donald Trump isn’t one of them. But most
of all stay completely calm and call – NOW! – the CIA, FBI, Robert de Niro and your pizza dealer because those ELEFANT creeps won’t go away just like that. They are determined
to destroy THE REALM of all normal people. They are deadly serious about their mission
as you will see in this new dramatic video secretly filmed – as I was told by my dear friend Pussy Riot (a former, vodka hooked, female KGB babe) – in the post-Brexit Empire. You’ll see, the Brits‘ future is doomed and so will be yours if you don’t buy the freaks‘ bloody records!

ELEFANT: ‘The Realm’ on Bandcamp – Facebook


Too late! They’re on their way now, to YOUR front door….

(photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

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