AMY WINEHOUSE – ‘Back To Black’ Album Released 10 Years Ago…

“Memorable moments in sonic history…”


‘Back To Black’ by AMY WINEHOUSE
Released 27 October 2006 – 10 years ago


Last Friday I went to my beloved, amazing city of Amsterdam to see the tremendous
The Kills. A 2 1/2 hour drive from Ghent (Belgium), my hometown. On my way back
home, around midnight, I played BACK TO BLACK. The second and final album of
AMY WINEHOUSE. A perfect record for nightly, lonesome trips. Like travelling with
a familiar companion. One with a magical voice and many appealing stories to sing.
Her words, moods and vibes caused a series of images in my head. Happy images
and sad images I’ve seen in the tragic 2015 documentary about the chaotic life and
the early death of this immensely talented British singer-songwriter. Also images of
all sorts of rapacious sharks, press & others, who surrounded her from the day she
started making lots of money with her appealing music. I actually played the record
two times in a row as it felt warm and impassioned, yet confusing at times because
of the hard reality that she’s gone, but it’s not the right moment to go deeper into
that. Let’s celebrate, today, the soulful, jazzy and very human symphonies she gave
us 10 years ago. They will last forever. I’m gonna listen, back to back again, right now…


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