THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 Memorable Moments To Commemorate… LOU REED

A series of seven outstanding songs by outstanding artists…


The Magnificent LOU REED Seven


Already three years – 27 October 2013 – since LEWIS ALLEN ‘LOU’ REED passed away, at 71. Singer. Songwriter. Poet. Rock and roll animal. Controversial and genial artist (both go together mostly). We probably will never know the real person behind that world-famous name, although his widow gave us a (musical) insight on the man recently. Laurie Anderson composed a truly touching playlist with songs of her late husband that reflect the New York legend’s character perfectly to her. You can listen to the 13 songs she selected on Deezer. As a long-life fan I couldn’t resist myself to pick – man, oh, man, that took really some time, most of all because I wanted to avoid the most obvious ones – seven magnificent songs, to remember his demise three years ago. Seven memorable moments from an exceptional singer/songwriter who loved to walk on the wild side and created innumerable pieces of brilliant music along his fascinating journey…

1. ‘Waves Of Fear’
The raging intensity here is spine-chilling, like he’s going completely out of his troubled mind… right here, right now: “I curse my tremors / I jump at my own step / I cringe at my terror / I hate my own smell / I know where I must be, I must be in hell...” Mind-twisting!
Album: THE BLUE MASK (1982)

2/ ‘Dirty Blvd.’
Observations on the poignant gap between the poor and the rich in his beloved
New York City and at the end of this pearl we will all sing ‘Fly-fly away‘ with him…
Album: NEW YORK (1989)

3/ ‘Ooohhh Baby’
Reed having fun again after scaring the world with Metal Music Machine the year before…

4/ ‘Sweet Jane’
To my ears his most uplifting performance of this classic. Like it was recorded in one take.
Album: LOADED (The Velvet Underground – 1970)

5/ ‘Turn To Me’
Lou denies being egocentric, narcissist and asocial. He’s actually a Good Samaritan
Album: NEW SENSATIONS (1984)

6/ ‘Street Hassle’ (live)
Album: ANIMAL SERENADE (live LP recorded in Los Angeles in 2003)
“I wanted to write a song that had a great monologue set to rock. Something that could
have been written by William Burroughs, Hubert Selby, John Rechy, Tennessee Williams,
Nelson Algren, maybe a little Raymond Chandler. You mix it all up and you have ‘Street Hassle’…
” Hypnotizing riff, going on and on, while Reed tells three different stories…

7/ ‘Open House’ (with John Cale)
One of the magic songs on Reed’s and Cale‘s homage LP for their mentor Andy Warhol
Album: SONGS FOR DRELLA (1990)

LOU REED: Bio – Discography – Website In Memoriam


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