TRAAMS – With Brand New Haunting Grand Prix Bolide… A HOUSE ON FIRE

Fresh from the recording studio…


After this year’s splendid album ‘Modern Dancing the West Sussex-based post punk guitar groove junkies TRAAMS are back with brand new eight-minute track A HOUSE ON FIRE.


The band explains what this monster jam is all about: “It has only been played live a couple of times so far. It’s been in the set for our current tour and is a lot of fun to play. It was great getting it down in that premium studio with Theo, we’re quite fond of the recorded version and hope you like it too. Also, it’s nice and long and you can dance to it should you wish.”

Fasten your seatbelt for an extended-high-voltage-rollercoaster. Like a Grand Prix bolide without brakes and without fear to crash. Your best one way ticket in years. Ace race!

TRAAMS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

New album ‘Modern Dancing’ – Here on iTunes

Setting Brussels on fire some time ago… (pic by TurnUpTheVolume!)

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