MANIC STREET PREACHERS – First Double A-Side Single Released 25 Years Ago…


Twenty-five years ago today – yes, time races unstoppably – on 28 October
1991 MANIC STREET PREACHERS released their first double A-side single.


LOVE’S SWEET EXILE starts with a spoken fragment of poetry by Patrick Jones (on record, but left out and replaced, why oh why, by a Camus quote on video), brother of Nicky Wire, before exploding in a thunderous rocker driven by Sean Moore‘s pounding drums having
a fight with some aggressive guitars and Bradfield‘s, now most familiar, high-strung vocals. But the truly remarkable moment of this energetic whirlwind is James Dean‘s astonishing guitar solo. He nor the band hid their admiration for Guns N’ Roses – the one and only genuine rock and roll band around, at the time, to their ears and eyes – and for Slash‘s impressive way of having sonic sex with his six strings instrument. Originally the track
was titled ‘Faceless Sense of Void’ (a song’s line). Feminine culture sluts, Nicky and Richey
(with James making it a threesome), emphasised the group’s playful devotion with androgyny and sexual ambiguity in the video clip. Let’s get nostalgic once again…

REPEAT was a too obvious slogans filled outburst inspired by their seventies punk heroes the Sex Pistols and The Clash. But for some strange reason I like the cheap cynicism of it and even used to play The Bomb Squad‘s (the production team of The Manics‘ beloved hip hop activists Public Enemy) remix real loud and on repeat (to keep my lungs fit) back then. And the mad video is actually big fun too. Seeing it, today, for the first time in years again, it looks like a surreal post-Brexit hangover. Sardonic British comedy at its best. Here we go, repeat after me: FUCK QUEEN AND COUNTRY

Both tracks were on debut album Generation Terrorists and released as the LP’s
2nd single, after Stay Beautiful. It reached number 26 in the UK singles chart…


MANICS: Website – Facebook – Twitter


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