#MoreInCommon / HOPE Not Hate – Mammoth Compilation For A Much Needed Cause…

Music that makes us euphoric in a way we just want to scream out loud…


3 November 2016


HOPE Not Hate is a British charitable trust that seeks to challenge and defeat the politics of hate and extremism within local communities, building resilience against the politics of hate and fear, at a national and grassroots level. The HOPE not hate campaign was already founded in 2004 and is even more important than ever after the Brexit drama. Check out their website to find out all about the organization, their goals and their initiatives.


One of the projects to raise money for all of their activities is the release of a brand new mammoth compilation album. The concept behind the album is to show that however diverse the artists included are musically they all share a common goal which is one for peace and tolerance. Every penny raised goes towards HnH. Almost 100 tracks long! Almost seven hours of a dazzling variety of damn good music! For a minimum of only £5/6$/6euro (or more if you choose for that option). From folk to rock, from pop to
electro and many diverse, thrilling vibrations in between. How do I know? Because I bought the album and listened to it from the first to the last track (over several days).
It’s an amazing sonic marathon compiled for a much-needed cause. I’m not British (I’m Belgian) but the whole idea and honest motivation behind this trust is of international importance in my perception. I feel connected. Only worldwide solidarity can save the
UK and this whole troubled planet. Here are enough convincing reasons to ignore irresponsible artists, from now on, such as Morrissey who revealed recently to be
a fan of full-time hate preacher Nigel Farage and to spend some money instead on
an indispensable cause backed for free by lesser know, but at least equally talented
and committed musicians. Here are three splendid examples to emphasise my drift…

‘This Is A Red Line’ by deux furieuses’

‘Polar Shift’ by TIRED ARMS

‘1000 Good Mornings’ by BENJAMIN MANSON

You can buy the digital version
of the album here on Bandcamp


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