A Diabolic Trash Machine With A Possessed Stare Hits Ghent Belgium – Here’s … CROWS


CROWS – Cafe Video, Ghent, Belgium – 2 November 2016


CROWS is a mean 4-piece post-punk machine from London. To be honest, before they hit my hometown Ghent last Tuesday to play the cosy Cafe Video I never heard of them. But now that I experienced them eye to eye I’ll never forgot them and will follow them real close. The diabolic power this band develops is just spectacular and mind-boggling. Their ferocious drones take you by the throat from the very first chord. They just explode like a volcano going completely mad. Merciless! A tremendous avalanche of boiling riffs attack your hungry ears constantly while the savage octopus drummer hammers like he’s about to blow all bloody Trumps and moronic Farages of this insane world straight into oblivion. WHAM BLOODY FUCKING BAM! A non-stop high-voltage trash engine that fuels the band’s demonic frontman from start to finish. Stop reading for now and check mind-fucker ‘PRAY‘ here first to get an idea of Crows‘ rabid fire…

Yes, indeed, crackbrained badass James Cox is the madman in the middle. He shouts, he barks and he screams like a possessed outcast while he explores every corner of the place and eyeballs every soul on his route. His scary stare penetrates your mind like he’s on a mission to mess up brains all around the planet. WOW! Going completely out of control every single night without being arrested must really feel like freedom. I want to be a crow from now on…


Here’s their debut EP ‘Unwelcome Light’ released last March in full and a new one is coming real soon, watch this space…

CROWS: Facebook – Twitter –Instagram

Mean machine…

Demon at work…



(photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

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