ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – Untouchable Live Brilliance in Belgium…


ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – ‘Het Depot’ in Leuven, Belgium – 5 November 2016


What the hell is going on with big mouth IAN McCULLOCH. Age (57) has obviously no detrimental effect whatsoever on the Liverpool legend. Last Saturday in Leuven he looked much sharper, like a sports athlete after some severe non-alcoholic diet, than last year in Antwerp and his voice sounded nothing less than grandiose. Undoubtedly, one of his best vocal performances I ever experienced (this gig must have been number 35 or something, I lost count a long time ago) despite the fact that he still smokes like a Turkish chimney his vox’s intensity and crystal clarity was phenomenal. Add Will Sergeant‘s overwhelming guitar virtuosity and 4 other oiled musicians and what the sold out venue got was a high-voltage vintage killer Bunnymen concert. There’s no other band I saw that much on a podium (of course, the fact that the band started a never-ending-tour à la Bob Dylan years ago, helps to see them at least once a year in Belgium and/or France/The Netherlands). I followed them from the early days on with the superb, late drummer Pete De Freitas – rest in peace – and former bassist Les Pattinson. Only on rare occasions – bad PA or Ian in a bad mood – they disappointed me. Here’s a timeless band that survived any fashion, any (new) wave and any whatever. A striking live force with an exceptional repertoire. One of the best alternative acts that ever walked this planet. Yesterday, today & probably tomorrow too. Hail, hail to the fabulous and imperishable Bunnymen. They last forever…

Sergeant and McCulloch – guitar wizard & incomparable voice…

Big mouth strikes again…

“Is this the blues I’m singing…”

Poetic guitar lines…

”I wanna play football for the coach… with a towel”

“Screaming from beneath the waves…”

Here are nine timeless pearls (live versions) …

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(concert photos by Turn Up The Volume!)


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