DOOMSQUAD – Levitating Psych Groovers In Belgium…


DOOMSQUAD – Cafe Video, Ghent, Belgium – 8 November 2016


Yesterday evening I felt euphoric between 9 and 10 pm (Belgian time), for two reasons. Firstly, before I entered my beloved Café Video for this gig, I heard on my car radio that
the first presidential election results looked very promising for Hilary Clinton. Secondly,
I discovered a truly tremendous band. DOOMSQUAD are a fascinating 5-piece collective from Toronto, Canada. A band that continues to explore and create new vibrations where the awesome Talking Heads finished their sonic career after injecting their love for African polyrhythms in a genial way into their music. A band that creates a world where you gan get really high on trance like dance vibes and ongoing mind-feeding grooves. Like I said I felt euphoric for 60 long minutes. Today, after hearing the awful news about that ignorant
hate preacher/sexist/racist/moron Trump winning the battle I just got depressive, sad,
mad and confused. In no mood at all for reflecting, in writing, my yesterday’s ecstatic experience. Until I read a statement of this very Doomsquad group just an hour ago on their Facebook page. It goes as follows…

” On a very sobering day such as this, we’re all awakening to some kind of new reality that is confronting us all. It’s easy to feel negative and disillusioned right now, but we could also use this time to re-engage, re-connect and re-empower. Remember who you are and confront naked beauty! ”

The statement is followed by their newest video for Who Owns Noon in Sandusky?, opening track of new album Total Time. Click here here to see the clip.


Thank you Doomsquad for a levitating show yesterday and for giving me an injection of hope and (some) activity again today. May the road rise with you. You inspire people…


Music heals negativity, sadness, anger and all sorts of difficult emotions.
Here’s spirited medicine. Doomsquad‘s new album in full…

DOOMSQUAD: Facebook – Twitter

Meet and greet with a fan…

Levitating doom…

(concert pics by TurnUpTheVolume!)

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  1. Opher · November 9, 2016

    Well Doomsquad seem very appropriate for the times!

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