CROWS – London’s Post Punk Blusterers Totally Ready For World Domination…

18 November 2016


‘The Itch’ by CROWS


Raging noisemakers CROWS played an overpowering concert a few weeks ago in my hometown Ghent (Belgium). This vital London 4-piece is really special. Their blazing post punk intensity is nothing less than phenomenal. An in your face diabolic power driven by
a pounding rhythm section, thrashing guitars and charismatic frontman James Fox‘s anger loaded vox and scary stare. Today they release new 4-track EP ‘Cold Comfort’ and I have
that crushing monster on repeat right now, right here. Four mind-blowing slams with psychedelic opener THE ITCH being my favorite. Its addictive, repetitive force is gigantic. Haunting and traumatic, fueled with a similar grimness as Joy Division developed on their legendary 1978  Ideal For Living EP but so much louder and bolder in sound thanks to some tremendously top-notch production. A KNOCKOUT! Crows is about to open many unsuspecting ears and eyes all around this troubled planet. We need committed bands like this. We need their young and stimulating vigor. Listen for yourself why…

I know you want more by now.
Here’s the smashing EP in full…

Live in Ghent, Belgium…

New trasher in town…

CROWS: ‘Cold Comfort’ on iTunes – Facebook – Twitter


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