WOOLY MAMMOTHS – Relaxing Harmonies For The Weekend…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


Smooth, lazy, relaxing and beautifully colored with harmonies à la Teenage Fanclub assisted by a couple of Byrds in the back. From Belgium, please welcome dreamy guitar pop herd WOOLY MAMMOTHS. Their new vibration COME UNDONE “is about the fleetingness of happiness, the ebb and flow of your emotions, how quickly they can come and go. In moments when you should be feeling good, you aren’t or sometimes you feel great unexpectedly. It has jangly guitars and a pop vibe but a definite darker undercurrent.” I agree totally. Now, c’mon, it’s the first really cold weekend of the year, get back in your warm bed where you can fantasy as much as you want untill Monday

‘Come undone’ is part of a brand new 4-track EP. Check/buy on iTunes here

They don’t look like a Mammuthus primigenius at all…

WOLY MAMMOTHS: Who? – Facebook

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