THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Timeless Score ‘DON’T YOU WANT ME’ Number One 35 Years Ago…

Looking back in time… memorable moments in sonic history!


‘Don’t You Want Me’ by THE HUMAN LEAGUE


THE HUMAN LEAGUE started as a fascinating, dark electronic new wave band in Sheffield way back in 1977 scoring a Top Ten hit in their home country with the magnificent Being Boiled. Co-founders Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh left in 1980 to form the less popular HEAVEN 17 while singer Philip Oakey decided to continue under The Human League banner. He turned the band into a world-famous synthpop band – with two extra female singers – with the 1981 triple platinum DARE. It was actually 4th album single DON’T YOU WANT YOU ME that boosted the LP’s sales enormously. The song’s lyrics were written after Oakey read a photo-story in a teen-girl’s magazine and the rest is pure pop history. The single occupied the top spot of the UK charts on 9 December 1981 – 35 years ago – and stayed there till after Christmas. Here’s the glam gem…

And the band is still going with Phil Oakey as only original member…

THE HUMAN LEAGUE: Website – Facebook

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