10 Outstanding Albums Turning 20 in… 2017

Looking back in time! Memorable moments in sonic history!


Ten magnificent longplayers released in 1997, turning twenty next year. Splendid albums that stood the test of time with remarkable ease & proud flare. Bring on the champagne!

1/ ‘The Boatman’s Call’ by NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS                                                
Introspective songs about romance and religion. Poignant and gripping sonic paintings…
Stream on Spotify nic-kcaveReleased: 2 March 1997 – his 10th album

2/ ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ by CHEMICAL BROTHERS                                                              
The brothers worked it out on their 2nd album. Hardcore techno for 24-hour raves…
Stream on Spotify chemcialdigReleased: 7 April 1997

3/ ‘Dig Me Out’ by SLEATER-KINNEY                                                                                      
Energetic and razor-sharp Riot Grrrl with a knife between the teeth. Powerhouse!…
Stream on Spotify SleaterKinney.jpgReleased: 8 April 1997 – the trio’s third LP

4/ ‘In It For The Money’ by SUPERGRASS                                                                                
High quality and amplified guitar pop songwriting on their second, probably best, album…
Stream on Spotify  supergrassReleased: 21 April 1997

5/ ‘OK Computer’ by RADIOHEAD                                                                                              Brilliant songs wrapped into new sounds. Monumental masterpiece. Musical virtuosity.
Stream on Spotify radiocmputerReleased: 16 June 1997 – their third longplayer

6/ ‘Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’ by SPIRITUALIZED 
Spiritual space &  gospel rock splendor. Without a doubt Jason Pierce‘s magnum opus…
Stream on Spotify spiriladiesgentsReleased: 16 June 1997 – third album

7/ ‘Vanishing Point’ by PRIMAL SCREAM          
Highly trippy & experimentally rhythmic. A groove paradise to get you in a trance…
Stream on Spotify      primalvanshinhpointReleased: 9 July 1997 – The Scream’s fifth album

8/ ‘Songs From Northern Britain’ by TEENAGE FANCLUB 
The British Byrds‘ finest collection of mesmeric & delicious harmonies filled pearls…
Stream on Spotify teenagefanclubReleased: 29 July 1997 – The Scots’ sixth LP…

9/ ‘Urban Hymns’ by THE VERVE                                  
A stream of epic soundscapes & bitter sweet symphonies. Best Ashcroft hymns ever… Stream on Spotify theverveReleased: 29 September 1997 – 3th album

10/ ‘Being There’ by WILCO                    
Jeff Tweedy explored Americana’s history ingeniously on Wilco‘s second full record…
Stream on Spotify wilcoReleased: 29 October 1997

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