On Our Way To Christmas with Some Harmonic Party Noise – Here Are… THE PRISSTEENS

Music that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


Well, it’s that time again. In the days before Christmas you get bombed with tons
of lousy Yule songs. Not my cup of tea unless it’s deliciously punky, highly catchy
and damn funny like this rapturous, harmonic anthem by the near legendary
New-York band THE PRISSTEENS. They sound here very much like the Ramones
after an expensive sex operation and a series of singing lessons, produced by the
genial wall-of-big-orchestrations weirdo Phil Spector. You can sing along, you can
dance foolishly to it and you can get awfully drunk on it. Perfect! Let’s start this
year’s Santa party right now! Here is CHRISTMAS IS A TIME FOR GIVING

The song was recorded during the band’s sessions for their 1998 debut album ‘Scandal, Controversy, and Romance’ with legendary producer Richard Gottehrer (famous for his work with The Go-Go‘s, Blondie and more) and released for the very first time a few weeks ago via Girlsville records as part of an explosive 4-track The Prissteens Xmas EP.  Let’s continue
the party. Turn up the volume! It helps!…

prissteeensIt’s gonna be a gloriously loud Xmas this year… 

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