Snappy Guitar Sparks From London – Here’s… L.A. SPRING

Music that shakes us in a way we want to scream out loud…


I guess, as this London trio’s debut generates vibes to start & finish 24-hour beach
parties with, they put L.A. in their band’s name or… they just want to forget, now
and then, about England‘s sombre climate. Anyway, I just discovered their incredibly
catchy first single PASSERBY, released last November. Are you still recovering from a
nasty New Year‘s hangover? Trust me, this high-spirited cracker is the cure you’re looking for. It jumps forth and back driven by sparkling guitars and animated vocals reminding
me of an exuberant, teenage Billy Bragg and is fueled with a chorus that will make the
sun shine instantly, right now, in mid-winter. Now get out of your lazy couch…

 L.A. SPRING: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

And ready to release their next one ‘Heart And Soul’ on 27 January. Stay tuned…  

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