SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 2 – 2017…

Thrilling vibes from an alternative sonic world…


A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven riveting tracks we played on repeat these past days
Seven thrilling strokes to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘A Little Touch Of Gravity’ by MOONWALKS (Detroit, Michigan, US)
Buzzing, psychedelic guitars loaded spacey rock engine from the legendary motor city
of Detroit. As inflammatory & smoking as a black rebel motorcycle club. Crushing score!
On: 3 track EP titled ‘In Light (The Scales In The Frame‘ – here on Bandcamp
MOONWALKS: Facebook – Bandcamp

2/ ‘You’re Going To Ruin It For The Rest Of Us’ by SUPERBLONDE (New York City, US)
Red hot, angry grunge injected guitar headbutt from the Big Apple that will keep you awake without any medical assistance! A perfect noise experienced trio to test your speakers…
On: fresh 5-track EP – available on Bandcamp
SUPERBLONDE: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter

3/ ‘Barbiturates‘ by GET INUIT (Sittingbourne, UK)
If Weezer and Vampire Weekend would jam together on amphetamines, it would sound like this smoking wallop! Heavy guitars, tempo changes, far out vocals & weirdly catchy. Yeah!
GET INUIT: ‘Barbiturates’ on iTunes – Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Make It Her, Forever’ by THE ORANGE DROP (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Mind-exploring dream collective that feeds hungry minds with amplified, psychedelic impulses. This fully charged, epic rollercoaster will lead you to unknown euphoria…
On: new album ‘Stoned In Love‘ – available on iTunes
THE ORANGE DROP: Website – Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Devil Dying’ by THEY CALLED HIM ZONE (Bradford, UK)
Swirling electronic waves produced by an inventive gloomy soul, and injected midway with scorching guitars. The reckless drive will mess up the space between your ears. Ace!
THEY CALLED HIM ZONE: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘La La La’ by EERIE GLUE (Copenhagen, Denmark)
An irresistible wall-of-mind-boggling-psychedelic-guitar sounds will make an impact on
all of your senses & make you beg for more the second this magnetizing storm is over!
On: their brand new 4-track EP titled ‘Horror’ – here on Bandcamp
EERIE GLUE: Facebook – Instagram

7/ ‘Sunbelt Emptiness’ by POLLEN RX (Austin, Texas, US)
Biting, bouncy and sharply cut title track, fueled with interchanging female/male vocals from the forthcoming debut album of these socially committed arty indie rockers…
Album: ‘Sunbelt Emptiness‘ out on 27th January – all details here on Bandcamp
POLLEN RX: Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

One comment

  1. EclecticMusicLover · January 18, 2017

    Excellent playlist JL. Some great new finds.

    Liked by 1 person

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