SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 3 – 2017…

Thrilling vibes from an alternative sonic world…


A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven stirring tracks we played on repeat these past days
Seven exciting strokes to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Empty’ by MONIKA (Berlin, Germany)
These mysterious vocals and repetitive Brian Jonestown Massacre like riffs match perfectly…
MONIKA: More on Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Midnight Junkie’ by BAKED (New York, US)
Electrifying dream slacker rock that will catapult you back to the 80s and you’ll embrace it…
On: new, second, album ‘Farnham‘ – out 24th February via Exploding In Sound Records
BAKED: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter

3/ ‘Hoodlums’ by THE WILD YOUNG HEARTS (Los Angeles, US)
Beaming combination of indie rock riffs & hooks and some melodic Weezer catchiness…
On: brand new, second, album ‘Hoodlums’ out 20th January – all info here on Bandcamp
THE WILD YOUNG HEARTS: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Sacramento’ by TIGER!SHIT!TIGER!TIGER! (Italy)
“Fast songs, loud noises, dramatic melodies. It’s the sound of electricity becoming art & poetry”
On: new album ‘Corners‘ out 20th January – details here 
Band links: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Always Something Up’ by SUNSTACK JONES (Liverpool, UK)
Dreamy jingle jangle guitar pop & multi layered harmonies generate delightful sparks…
On: brand new 6-track EP ‘Stand Still’ – via Brass Button Records
SUNSTACK JONES: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Down In A Crypt’ by CHICK QUEST (Vienna, Austria)
A tempting mix of organ-fueled pop kicks & dynamic beats will vitalize your lazy limbs…
On: brand new, second, album ‘Model View Controller’ – out 24th February – details here
CHICK QUEST: Bio – Facebook – Twitter – Bandcamp

7/ ‘Seafoam Islands’ by PEANESS (Chester, UK)
Guitar pop electricity with a raw edge & flavored with sensual and appealing harmonies…
‘Seafoam Islands’ is the B-side from their debut UK 7″ – details here on Bandcamp
PEANESS: Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

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