SLOMOTE – Quality Pop Songwriting To Spoil Your Sensitive Ears….

Fresh electrifying impulses for your ears…


‘Way In’ in by SLOMOTE


Come in, have a seat, relax. Here’s another Belgian band that will spoil your ears. Oh, yes, the alternative music scene in Belgium kind of exploded the last few years with inventive artists spreading all sorts of old & new sonic genres like an unstoppable fever. Absolutely, from garage rock havoc (Double Veterans) to post-punk brilliance (Whispering Sons) and many other fascinating vibrations and intriguing soundscapes in-between. And now, here is SLOMOTE. What started as a studio project became a full-blooded five-piece, ready now to open the door, leave their basement and entertain us with moody arranged pop songs flavored with a passionate vox and a sharp edge here and there. Appealing compositions with several layers and changing vibes, from jazzy to poppy. Slomote is all about sensitive melodies, striking vocals and basic orchestration. It’s called quality songwriting in my book. WAY IN will exactly prove what I try to stutter. It’s my favorite rainbow from their 5-track debut EP titled ‘Wretches‘, officially out at the end of this month. Enjoy the beat here…

Discover the 4 other tracks on their Soundcloud page here

SLOMOTE: Facebook

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