Close Your Eyes And Float Eight Miles High With… THE MARBLES JACKSON

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


After their 2015 debut album Notes To The Dust London four-piece THE MARBLES JACKSON will release brand new single TEN MILLIONS SUN on 26th January. All details here. The track is named after the discovery by astrophysicists of the brightest pulsar ever detected. Experiencing cold days in Belgium right now I wish I could lend just one little sun. One that shines brightly and elevates your mood just like this new song does. At the core of this fresh beauty is a relaxing melody that floats carelessly carried by spacey shoegaze waves and coloured with angelic harmonies. Imagine The Byrds going eight miles backed by a hypnotizing Spacemen 3 soundscape. Give it a couple of spins and your mind will feel illuminated. Close your eyes, here’s your sonic weekend yoga…

THE MARBLES JACKSON: Facebook – Twitter


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