Dance In An Unusual Place With… CHICK QUEST

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


‘Down In A Crypt’ by CHICK QUEST


Vienna’s thrilling four-piece CHICK QUEST is completely ready to launch their second album ‘Model View Controller’ on 27th February. Details here. Until then you can go nuts seven feet under with new track DOWN IN A CRYPT. An ecstatic pop cracker flavored with some sultry organ making me think of early B-52‘s days. Dynamic beats that will energize your body in an unusual disco place. Open the vault, here’s the beat…

Down in a crypt my life depicts
All the gloom and macabre in a Karloff flick.
The gray malaise has spent all its days
And now it’s time for something that will raze this phase.

Down in a crypt my love gets stripped
Under the sex and the ground where the rhythm’s kept.
The raw, untamed, incandescent profane
Lose control of their soul in this arcane domain.

Down in the shit, the nit and the grit
Where moving like a human means you dance a bit,
The epidermis sweats and the heart’s divine
While shaking to a Belgrade bomb in common time.

Cyrillic skeleton dance
Cyrillic skeleton trance
I cannot speak your language but I know know know that I’m home.

CHICK QUEST: Bio – Facebook – Twitter – Bandcamp


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