Yesterday’s Romanticism Back Today With… NICE LEGS

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


NICE LEGS is a duo based out of Korea. They create romantic melancholia pop with
singer Lauren Walker sounding like a nowadays Brenda Lee aiming at your heart and soul. They just released new double single titled Strange Family, containing two moody tracks. Their record label Fox Food Records describes the fresh 7″ as: “born out of improvisation performances in smokey Seoul basements, the two stunning tracks ‘Mighty Three’ and ‘Ashtrays’ are hauntingly nostalgic, expertly crafted & hook filled brilliance. Lauren Walker’s beautiful vocals tell curious and mysterious tales that glisten and float atop layers of Mark Lentz’s warm and fuzzy bargain bin instrumentals. This is lo-fi, done right.”

Can’t agree more. Dim the lights.
Here are two twilight beauties…

NICE LEGS: Facebook – Twitter

Nice faces…

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