Test Your Speakers With Hellish Debut Album By… FIREFANG

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…



FIREFANG is an anger driven trio of boisterous noisemakers. Three long-haired misfits out of the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium. I’m quite sure these disturbed punks were dropped by their frightened parents somewhere in a dusty basement the very day they were born. Today, several years later, these madmen decided to come together and use their bottled-up anger as a vital force to spit in the face of this bloody troubled world. With their self-titled debut album they are on a very loud mission: “screaming out against inequality, patriarchy, environmental destruction and the dying spasms of the capitalist insect.” Oh yes,
these are some damn good reasons to be in a rock and roll band, besides trying to get lots of sex, tons of free drugs and a mountain of six packs, of course. This powerful three-piece describes the kick-ass havoc on their debut as: “ear DaMaGiNG GaRaGe GRuNGe BLueS PuNK PSyCHeDeLiC NoiSe SLuDGe SeLF DePReCaTiNG SaRCaSTiC SMiLy BuNCH


Hallelujah! Just what we need right now in these fucked up, chaotic Trump days! What you get is an avalanche of highly emotional outbursts. From full blooded Kurt Cobain grunge exorcism to far-out quiet/loud/quiet borderline hysteria and some reflective blues meditations in-between. Overall the record is an inflammable volcano. You can hear the band bleed, sweat, and cry. They bloody care about what they do and it’s definitely more fun than going into therapy. Try them and test your speakers…

FIREFANG: Facebook


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