THE PEARL HARTS – New Single ‘HIT THE BOTTLE’ Is A Red-Hot Steamroller…

Noise that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


‘Hit The Bottle’ by THE PEARL HARTS


Bored by all those auto-tuned talent show wannabes and electro pop flops and inspired themselves by classic rock bands such as God’s hammers Led Zeppelin, the nasty Queens
Of The Stone Age
and the bluesy Fleetwood Mac drummer Sara and guitarist and vocalist
Kirsty formed THE PEARL HARTS with a crystal clear ambition: “making the biggest sound possible with the smallest line up with extra help from triggers, loop pedal and samples”.

Last year’s sledgehammer track Go Hard was already an impressive and ear-splitting confirmation of the London‘s duo ‘LET’S MAKE SOME BLOODY BRILLIANT NOISE NOBODY CAN’T IGNORE’ intentions. And now they’re back with an even more spectacular outburst. HIT THE BOTTLE is a blitzkrieg powerhouse pushed from the start by pounding drums
and biting vocals before getting extra fueled with a heavy, exploding guitar section while heading towards a firework finale. This new cracker is about “trying not to give into your vices but you’re always doing it…. debauchery, having fun, playing shows…. giving into your
dark side“ says the band.

Open your windows and doors. Wake up your neighbourhood.
Here’s the red-hot steamroller. Press the button right now…

THE PEARL HARTS are now in the middle of a big European tour as support act for
Skunk Anansie with the wonderful Deborah Anne Dyer aka Skin. Tour dates here.

THE PEARL HARTS: Facebook – Twitter

(photo above: FB – The Pearl Hearts)


  1. Charles Roels · February 9, 2017

    I’m pretty sure it’s Kirsty, not Kelly.


    • JL · February 9, 2017

      And you’re pretty right – must have been dreaming while writing – thx for alerting me…


  2. Charles Roels · February 9, 2017

    🙂 pleasure


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