KEROSCENE – Their New Single ‘OUR TIME’ Is A Flashing Sonic Stroke…

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


KEROSCENE, the London-based indie rockers’ new single OUR TIME is quite special.
It has so many different sonic colors. From a dreamy, floating start to an intense and blustery guitars driven chorus while they close their energetic cracker with an explosive finale. It’s a catchy, stimulating and dynamic stroke. And “lyrically the song is inspired by everything currently happening in the world around us, both on a societal level with rapid changes in technology and politics and on a personal level. This apparent lack of tangibility
of anything genuinely real in our digital world can sometimes make us feel bored and at odds with a sense of cultural stagnation…”
says the band. Press the button, start the fire…

KEROSCENE: More tracks on Soundcloud –  Facebook – Twitter

It’s their time…

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