Los Angeles’ HIGHLAND KITES Cover RADIOHEAD With A Mesmeric Touch…

‘Fake Plastic Trees’ by HIGHLAND KITES
Original by Radiohead

On my daily search for something special on the Internet I discovered this truly splendid guitar pop/folk trio HIGHLAND KITES based out of Los Angeles and formed in late 2013.
It’s the brainchild of the wonderful singer/songwriter/guitarist Marissa Lamar blessed with a gripping voice. And the first song I heard of this trio and made me silent instantly was/is a cover of one of Radiohead‘s unforgettable masterstrokes FAKE PLASTIC TREES (from their 1995 breakthrough album The Bends). A truly impressive rendition. Lamar‘s voice is really enchanting and colors the song with a mesmeric touch Thom Yorke would certainly approve. Musically the band’s overall sensitive approach with poetic guitar lines
is delightful. Yes, today I found something special. Here’s the magic…

There’s so much more to discover about HIGHLAND KITES. Explore the rich beauty of their own quality songwriting on their two EPs and debut album here on Bandcamp.

HIGHLAND KITES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Original version also released as single in 1995…

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