THE ORIELLES – Discover Their Spectacular Debut Single ‘SUGAR TASTES LIKE SALT’…

‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ by THE ORIELLES

(photo by Neelam Khan Vela)

This young and remarkable British trio THE ORIELLES (sisters Sidonie B and Esmé Dee
Hand Halford
and their best friend Henry Carlyle Wade) formed about two years ago,
shared some of their first efforts here and there along the way but here’s their official debut for Heavenly Recordings. Brand new single SUGAR TASTES LIKE SALT is one
of the most spectacular, experimental and yet very accessible piece of thrilling music I have heard in a very long time. A tremendous, electric eight-minute-plus roller coaster
that changes from dreamy to funky, from punky to dancy, that is spiced with poppy harmonies and that ends with a long, hypnotizing outro jam intensified by striking
guitars that remind me of Keith Levene‘s metallic guitar sound in early PIL. Really special and getting better and better on repeat. And lyrically they show their joint passion for Quentin Tarantino by inserting a line of his classic movie Deathproof in the song: ‘Well,
ain’t you so sweet that you make sugar taste just like salt’ to throw a darkly cheeky extra
flavour into the mix.”
Press the button and join this intriguing new generation trip…

THE ORIELLES – Tour dates – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

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