FOURTEEN KNOCKOUTS! On-Repeat-In-March-2017…

Fourteen knockouts I played on repeat in March
A glorious cocktail of catchy vibes & steamy havoc
that energized my sonic bloodstream this month
Turn up the volume! Here is the sonic dope…

1/ ‘I’d Kill For Her’ by THE BLACK ANGELS (Austin, Texas)
Irresistible and haunting cracker about lethal love…
Album: Death Song – out 21 April

2/ ‘This Cities Undone’ by THE MOONLANDINGZ (Sheffield, UK)
The imperishable Yoko Ono joins the maddest dance punk gang of the moment…
Album: Interplanetary Class Classics – out now via Chimera Music

3/ ‘Roman-God Like Man’ by TEMPLES
This is what resistless, amplified psych pop is all about…
Album: second LP Volcano out now

4/ ‘Get On Home’ by THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN (East Kilbride, Scotland)
The Reid brothers are back and they’re on a roll…
Album: brand new one Damage And Joy out now

5/ ‘Hands Around The Waste’ by VULGARIANS
Agitated mix of nasty panache, cutting vocals and a manic chorus…

6/ ‘All Hail’ by PINS (Manchester, England)
Swirling garage pop earworm with a catchy chorus and crystal clear lyrics…
EP: brand new 6-track Bad Thing out now

7/ ‘For Real’ by THE SUNHERBS (Oslo, Norway)
Vital garage rock electricity fueled with feverish guitars…
Album: ‘Life Is A Hobby ‘- stream here

8/ ‘You’re in Love With A Psycho’ by Kasabian (Leicester, England)
New bouncy single to make thousands jump up and down at festivals this summer…
Album: For Crying Out Loud – out 28 April

9/ ‘Better Off’ by CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Frontman & mastermind Alec Ounsworth creating sparkling guitar pop brilliance again…
Album: New one ‘The Tourist‘ – stream here

10/ ‘The Slit’ by DEAD COAST (London, England)
Discover some “sixties experimental new blues sounding like egyptian garage & space surf’

11/ ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’ by The Orielles (Liverpool, England))
From dreamy to funky, from punky to dancy, poppy harmonies and a rad outro jam…

12/ ‘Shake I Shook’ by MOONLANDS (London, England)
Ecstatic pop vibe intensified by wholehearted vocals and glimmering guitars…
From their self-titled EP – download here via Foof Records

13/ ‘Witness’ by Benjamin Booker (New Orleans, Louisiana, US)
The young garage blues man is back with a gospel injected protest song featuring
soul legend Mavis Staples. New album Witness out 2 June via Ato Records

14/ ‘Limerence’ by WARDROBE (Antwerp, Belgium)
Subtle pop sparks that sticks after one spin…
Album: debut ‘Crawling‘ stream/buy via Bandcamp

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