BARE TRAPS – New Single ‘ALL IN YOU’ Is How Funky Indie Pop Sounds Like…

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‘All In You’ by BARE TRAPS

BARE TRAPS is a brisk London-based indie quartet with already five singles in their young career. Here’s what the band says about their new one ‘ALL IN YOU’: “Of all the songs we’ve written so far, we feel that ‘All in You’ manages to embody the essence of Bare Traps the best. It’s our attempt to imagine the sound of sunshine. As a band, we’re all about good vibes, and this song is about sonically replicating those incredible feelings of warmth you experience when you first encounter someone that takes your breath away”.

Oh yes, the band definitely creates a euphoric mood to get people on their dancing feet. ‘All In You’ injects you, from the very start, with a sparkling feel good rhythm that activates your limbs. I imagined myself going bananas on a tropical island under a spotless blue sky with a delicious Piña colada in each hand inviting everybody at the bar on the beach to join me for some body action. The mix of funky Chic Le Freak guitar lines, a catchy & uplifting chorus and that short, but steady rock beat somewhere in the middle turns this sunbeam into a delightful cocktail. This positive minded band focuses on elevating music we all need in these troubled times. Party time…

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