DECIBELLES Is A ‘TIGHT’ Noise Trio That Will ‘MESS’ Up Your Speakers…

Havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…



DECIBELLES are Sabrina Duval, Fanny Bouland and Julia Kat. An outspoken and loud female three-piece from the beautiful city of Lyon in France, that started making robustious noise some years ago. They just released new album TIGHT. A barbed wire powerhouse with a sound ranging from ‘in your face’ razor-sharp post punk outbursts to robust ‘listen up’ pop electricity. The intensity and passion are amazing! I just love their biting and opinionated approach and their appetite for lots of decibels. Think ‘Bikini Kill’ and ‘Babes In Toyland‘ jamming together with knifes between their teeth and use the boiling adrenaline that comes out of it to kick some macho asses afterwards! Let’s catch the right mood first
with the album’s single MESS

Yes, I know. Smashing cadence and a smoking swagger. It’s pretty cool having discovered DECIBELLES after learning that the three-piece is the support act for noise expert Steve Albini‘s band Shellac who’ll play Belgium for an exclusive (sold out) concert on the 30th
of May
. But first some more French energy and dynamite. Here’s album TIGHT in full…


DECIBELLES: Facebook – Tante Guerilla Records

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