HOTEL DE SALTO Has An Adventurous Sonic Vision To ‘STAND FOR YOUR RIGHT’…

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


Welsh songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Francis definitely wants to explore new sonic directions with his fresh one-man project HOTEL DE SALTO. With funky debut single Bigger Than Elvis released last November he immediately displayed his inventive approach of pop music and his amazing feel for appealing arrangements. Now, here’s his second production. STAND FOR YOUR RIGHT is a song written late last year in two parts on two continents and inspired by two impactful, political events. Francis explains: “I wrote the main chunk of it in my hometown, Carmarthen. I had the idea of writing a protest song that was very linear, the fallout in the UK post referendum was deeply disturbing and then I went out to Texas for six weeks over election time and obviously there’s parallels out there. It’s about people sticking together rather than be divided”.

The final result is quite magnetizing. Rich in sound and inspiring in content. Build around
a sticky bass groove Francis enriches this musical trip with what seems like an arsenal of instruments and ideas. Great beat, great message. Experience here…

HOTEL DE SALTO: Facebook – Twitter – Libertino Records

Get up, stand up and dance for your right…

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