A VICTIM OF SOCIETY – Inflammable Psychedelic Dynamite Coming Out Of ‘FREAKTOWN’…

Noise that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


28 April 2017

A VICTIM OF SOCIETY is a rousing trio out of Athens, Greece. Overall their sound is a red-hot, mind-blowing wall-of-psychedelic garage electricity fueled with scorching guitars, a manic rhythm section and hellish vocals. Explosive stuff! Imagine The Black Angels jamming with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club while listening to the legendary MC5 album Kick Out The Jams. If you never heard of this energizing powerhouse three-piece check opening track THE QUICK AND THE DEAD from their brand new, sophomore album FREAKTOWN. Here’s the cracking dynamite…

I knew you wanted more after this energizing banger. Let’s now go straight to their 8-track new album FREAKTOWN: “The album is focused on what happened when the three of them started playing together. The songs that they composed are the soundtrack of all the things
they talked about and the things they talked about are found in the lyrics of these songs. They worked on electronic beats, drums, guitars and bass synths and turned them into eight living things. They played every song live, over and over again, in the same obsessive order, until
each one of them was alive and ready to be captured in the studio. FREAKTOWN is all of these elements together, locked, in the form the band gave them.”

Open your windows and doors, press the button, turn up the volume, share these
furious victims of society’s powerful rage & go berserk with the whole neighborhood…

A VICTIM OF SOCIETY: Facebook – Inner Ear Records (label)

Artwork FREAKTOWN album – out now!..

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